The Soulful Tantric Massage With Aireen

We are too accustomed to the vision of sacrifice and suffering, so anything that makes us feel good, we consider marginal or non-essential … Instead, I believe strongly that the policy of prevention, in any field is the best.  So why wait to get sick to take care of himself? Why wait to have a broken back before you visit Tantric website?
If we are hungry, we eat, if we are cold, we cover, but if we are tired, we often do not stop and we exhaust all our energies so …
One way to avoid the depletion of energy reserves is done in order to get stronger and calm in front of the inevitable stress that life brings us face. Tantric massage is one of those ways, one of the “tricks” to avoid the depletion of energy: regularly rely on the expert hands of an operator, feel the contact with another human being who is there purely to devote two hours of his time to take care us and then the scents of essential oils, the sound of Tibetan bells, the right music to relax the mind, the heart, the muscles… Tantric massage is meant to strengthen our immune system and dissolve emotional blocks, the crystals that bring us message from Mother Earth increase power in our major energy centers. This is the Soulful Tantric massage site info.

“When you touch a person’s body, be full of reverence – as if God himself were there and you were just an instrument. You are flowing with total energy. And when you feel that your body and energy flows creates a new harmony, a joy to hear that you’ve never experienced before. And you will fall in deep meditation …. And make one thing playful. Do not do it as a job, make a game fun. Laugh, laugh, and let the other person laugh. “-Osho-

The Tantric Massage – The Sexy Moment

“The true healing is Tantric massage, as typically the cure is an art and not a technique, although, of course, the mastery of a specific technique constitutes a base, as in any art.”

Richness and specificity of the forms, Sexy vitality element: the rhythm is what elevates the material from the heavy physical element, allows the tissues to open up and breathe deep and liquid to flow.
The touch of the hand, the element of heat, and took care of contact helps bring vital heat and develop in the patient, a conscious perception of their body surface area. The Tantric massage is deeply pleasurable and is a general intervention on the body.
Conferences, lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises of Tantra, preparatory activities, written elaborations on specific issues and cases in the form of biographical narrative.
The structure of the course in three years allows a path of metabolism and processing of personal elements learned, moved into their practice professional. To achieve the Certificate in addition to the frequency of the 3 years of the course is the presentation of a thesis on a agreed topic.

A Touch of Love – Partners Tantric massage Courses

In different cultures, such as those outlined below, the skin to skin contact is an important part of the duties of a lover, recognizing the value of couples tantric massage and one of the close body contact.
There are, for example, mothers who practice tantric massage regularly in the daily care of their lover and that led him always close to him. Many women, whether they live in environments tribal, nomadic, urban or rural, they do their work happily bringing their lovers to them and supporting them with a band.

My tantric massage approach begins with the body as an expression of integrated, enhances its signals to bring them to light, releasing the blocked structures, but with a novelty: it is a long time in fact that I decided to introduce, before the tantric massage, a “talk therapy” where the subject can express themselves freely speaking of himself.
May be topics that relate to its current state, both physical and emotional, or a particular event or some trauma that has not been addressed and is thus brought to light. Through the manifestation of the cognitive ego, trying to take in the space of the heart , I also get information on the energy levels deeper than the mental / cognitive, and I can get more dense and obvious after tantric massage.
I try to do this in a gentle manner, without giving input but that is on schedule and the other still trying to facilitate the opening of the subject. This kind of approach, tested and introduced by me, brought me to step up and complete the work of the London space for tantric massage treatment by adding something extra.
I can say that mine is a good method with which to develop a deep sense of confidence to rely on both the body and the life. Due to my experience, I can also guarantee that the share has a powerful and fundamental integrative role of tantric massage.
Sharing (which takes about half an hour) is optional, however if someone does not feel up to deal with it, it will only work on the body (80 min.)